My Dad's a veteran he served 20 years. My parents own there home in lutz, fl and we are running out of his medicare benefit for skn and rehab can he qualify for medicaid assistance

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Medicaid is a "needs based" entitlement which is done under an overall federal guideline but administered or managed by each state. Dad will have to qualify for whatever FL has set as their "asset" and "income" for the Medicaid for NH financial aspect as well as needing to qualify for "skilled nursing service". I'm assuming that Dad still lives in FL so all assets are in FL.

What you can do on dad's behalf is clearly speak with the social worker & admissions at the NH to see what is needed to move him from Medicare (which is paying now) to Medicaid. Also speak with those doing rehab to see how dad is "progressing" to see just how much more time Dad could have under rehab. Then get from the NH the list of the documents that need to accompany the Medicaid application. It will be quite a lot to find, my mom's was a 3 year & 6 mo of all banking and the caseworker did go back 5 years on real property ownership.

Now VA does have an aid & attendance funding for those who are in AL but the A&A does not carry over or cover NH (this was the system a couple of years ago and I think it's still the case). You might speak with the facility to see if dad could possible be OK for AL - this way he could get the A&A benefit. Otherwise VA pays those in a NH (I think) $ 90 a mo as a VA personal needs stipend - you have to apply for this and it could take a while to get from the VA but the good part is that this extra "stipend from the VA" does not count in the "income" used by Medicaid that has to be their co-pay (or their SOC - share of cost) to the NH. Basically an extra 1K a year to have, which at least is something.

you know if you can find a VA NH, those will take dad in and VA will pay for all. Unfortuantley they are far & few.There's ones in Gulfport, MS & San Antonio, TX and they both have vets move there from all over so that they can get into a VA NH facility and have their medical care provided at a VA affiliated hospital. Good luck, none of all this is simple or easy.
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