My brother had POA first. Dad lived with him for 3 yrs until he abused dad, so between me and another brother we took care of dad. I then became dad's POA but by then my brother who was POA first spent all of dad's money now Medicaid is denying dad in NH what can I do to help? Other brother who was POA first refuses to talk to us. Thank you!

Dad's home was recently sold to brother#2, money from home is going towards dad's NH bill, which is over 91,000.00, the NH wants me to answer what happen to dads $$$since 2012, i got them bank statements but I can't explain where that money went my 1st brother was dad's POA, for 3 yrs never wanted to give dad he's bank book when dad asked for it. Dad lived with brother#1 in brothers home, when that brother put his hands on our dad no one called the police, so no police report, in 2015 I became dad's POA, dad barely had any money left I did purchase his burial arrangements. Dads NH Medicaid worker asked me to buy a receipt book and put names and anything over $300.00 for Medicaid information, I feel I can't lie I don't know what my #1 brother who was POA in 2012 to 2015 did with dad's money dad had $75.000.00 in bank. When I became dad's POA dad's bank amount was 14.000.00.
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What happened about the abuse? Is there any documentation of it?

As things are, your father's money has vanished behind a door with Brother 1 on it. B1 is not talking to you. Therefore you will have to conduct investigations without his assistance. If there's a recorded history of abuse, that might be the place to start.

It would be helpful in situations like this if Medicaid had legal powers to compel disclosure, wouldn't it? Just musing. As far as I (only a foreigner) am aware, they haven't.
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You will have to tell them what happened to dad's money. Possibly file a police report to get dad covered. Press charges? Only option begins with being honest with them then asking their advice.

How much money was there? How much is nursing home?
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