Thousands of dollars gone now LTC want him out?

Dad's Parkinson dementia set in July. He is 74 and was welcoming going to skilled facility VA home. They started him on Sinemet and a couple weeks later he said he felt different, then later started to have behavioral problems. Nurses said they don’t have issues but others say they do.

Dad was with it in the daytime but confused in evening after Sinemet. He walked so much better but walked with walker a lot. Almost like nervous energy.

He would say as we sat and talked, "I am sorry but I got to walk." He is only one in facility not in wheel chair and they don’t like it. They kept giving him Ativan in which we found out benzodiazepines affect him differently. Doctor NR it completely. Found out yesterday that he had behavior issues again this second one he just got out of behavioral 4 days ago. Now money ran out and they want him to go to a memory care ASAP. What is going on?

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They just need him somewhere where they can find what meds will work for him. NHs are not able to do this. Just ask if Dads room will still be available since Medicaid starts on Nov 1.
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