It is a weekend caregiver. She talks about him negative in front of him. The problem is that he does not remember the incident that she is talking about. He thinks she is lying about him.

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If you have actually seen this happen, report it. If you are relying on his second hand report, take it with a grain of salt. Make a point of actually seeing how they interact.
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Go to the nurse in charge and ask for a change. I don't think it's unusual for family to request an aid change. I would advise you not to make a big deal out of it. Just, "I don't think Aid Nancy is a good fit for dad. They don't seem to get along, and I'm having a little problem with her." (That's assuming you've SEEN this behavior.) Otherwise, say it's just dad having the problem with her and NOT you. "Can you switch out her responsibilities so they don't interact?"

No matter how that conversation progresses, know that you've now blown the "It's Her Fault Card." If it happens again, your credibility (and dad's) is compromised.

If she's done this in front of you, talking negative "in front of him," whatever that means, you need to handle that right on the spot.

"Sorry, could we step away? I'd like to have a word with you."

Then tell her in a professional manner SPECIFICALLY what it is you object to that she's doing and ask her firmly not to interact with dad in that way.

Right or wrong, though, they should easily be willing to keep them apart. This time.
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