he is located in a snf and half of his care for his stay is covered by NYS medicaid We are relocating to NH and need to move him with us, how do I change his nys medcaid to nh medicaid program, does it just transfer or do i need to repaply. the first time it took me 10 months to get through the paperwork the first time.I am looking for information prior to moving him
thank you for any advice

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Good point, iggy...

Wow, what a mess States Rights is when it comes to human needs & health.

I know some will vehemently disagree with me, but I believe every citizen of the USA deserves the same humane and health rights as any other, regardless of state.

Won't happen till we have uniform welfare laws throughout the United States and a national single payer system for medical insurance.

So far, there are too many voters shaking in their boots about socialism.
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There could be a problem with his residency for Medicaid. Medicare is an overall federal program, so there is no issue for service in different states. But Medicaid is a joint federal & state program but managed & administered by the each state. So each state puts it's own spin on the rules as their state law allows. Like some states allow for an "enhanced benefit trust" totally OK for Medicaid while other states do not. The states seem to require that you be a resident of the state in order to get state supported benefits. Which totally makes sense overall. But if NH requires that, then your dad - who currently is a resident of NYS - will not be a resident of NH. So you need to find out just what is required for him to become that (a legal valid resident of NH) and therefore qualify for NH Medicaid in NH.

If he owns any real property in NYS (like car, or house), that alone will make him ineligible for Medicaid in NH as property in another state is not an exempt asset for Medicaid rules. It will have to be sold, with the proceeds used for their spend-down. I saw this first hand after Hurricane Katrina as my MIL's NH in New Orleans went enmasse to Houston to relocate. After about 8/10 months there and in TX NH, those who still had homes back in Louisiana, got letters from TX Medicaid that they were going to be ineligible due to their in another state property ownership.
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Medicaid is a federal program that is administered by each state separately, sometimes even having slightly different rules within each county. I'm relatively sure it's not "transferable" per se, although if he's qualified in New York, so most likely be eligible in New Hamp. but may take some time to be approved.

You could start by calling the Department of Aging and Adult Services in the County to which you're relocating. In California, all the counties have what are called Transitional Assistance Departments (TAD's). They set up but also continue monitoring Medi-Cal (the CA name for Medicaid). The Dept of Aging should be able to refer you to the appropriate place in NH. Medicare would also likely know but it may take them longer to find the answer for your state.
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