We weren't even notified of his passing until our youngest brother told me our uncle came down from Canada and had ben going through and selling our dad's belongings. Once he heard we found out, raced over with these papers seemingly in a big panic, saying my sister and I needed to sign or they wouldn't lay dad to rest. My sister and I never having to deal with this before and thinking our uncle was an honest and trusting man signed,well long story short, 5 days later my uncle had sold everything of our dad's. The house and everything is gone, including our dad and we are just left standing hear feeling a little violated. Any input and/or advise is greatly appreciated.

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I don't see how any of this could happen no matter what you signed. If he had no will, or even if he did, it would have gone to probate. Until that happens no one can sell anything, especially the house. Was your uncle on the deed?
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But did the other siblings sign. You can't sign for them. They are due money probably.
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Do you know WHAT papers you signed?
They say, and it often proves apt, that "ignorance is no excuse before the law". We are expected to know or seek out advice before we sign, and if we don't we can be hurt by that fact.
Were I you, at this point, I would go to an Elder Law attorney to find out what you signed, and what it means, and if there is any recourse going forward. If there is a will you will see it once it is filed for probate. You need some guidance now; wishing you luck.
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It sounds like there is dysfunction in your family. I have many of the same questions Shane does. How involved were you in dad's life? Were you estranged?

Children are first in line for any estate/inheritance that there may be, if there is no will.

How long ago did dad die?

Being the two oldest of four really has nothing to do with signing any documents. What was the document? Was it notarized? If not, it may not be valid.
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I do know children come before the decedents siblings in the order of who is entitled to what when someone dies intestate.
However, I think it would be difficult to prove your uncle had you two sign under duress as in truth, you & your sister as adults could have asked for time to review the documents before you signed. That was your responsibility.
This is an awful situation.
I am guessing you don’t speak to your uncle that much if he didn’t even notify you of dad’s passing. How close were you to your father? Were you involved in his care the past few years? I just find it odd that you didn’t know of his status unless he passed unexpectedly. Why didn’t your youngest brother notify you?
There is more to this story I will bet. Like why can’t you call out your uncle and his actions? Sounds like communication is lacking.
Hopefully someone with more experience will answer.
What is your goal? At this point everything of your dad’s is gone. Did uncle take money from dad’s accounts and sold his home for money and kept it?
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