How do I convince my siblings those incident. He said I accused him of sexually molesting me when I was little, and that I left my children and didn't speak to them for a year and that he gave me money to pay the taxes on my house. None of them are true but my brother believe they are and actually has so much hatred for me that he picked me up by the neck and threw me on the ground. How do I defend myself

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8/22/16.... Susan, time to educate your siblings about Alzheimer's/Dementia which your profile said that your Dad had. Sadly said disease will sometimes make one tell some really wild off the wall untrue stories.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the blue panel, you will see "Alzheimer's Care", click on that and scroll down until you find an article about untrue stories. Print that out for your siblings to read.

My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family for the passing of your Dad.
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Susan, if your dad has passed away there is no reason for you to try to defend yourself from these accusations. Go no contact with your brother, and if he assaults you again call the police and press charges, then get a restraining order.
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