My dad is 86 with 2 forms of cancer. He just came back home after a month in Hospital/Rehab. He went in due to being septic due to a UTI. Anyway he did ok in Rehab but has leveled off on getting any stronger. He is now bedridden. The day he came home he started to have bowl problems I know he was in pain but he was also putting his hand and fingers where they don't belong. It has been a mess. So today the bowl issue is over and almost within seconds he is now obsessing over a small bump on his head. I have nurses that have checked him they say it's most likely a pimple or in grown hair. It's just every time I go check on him he complains about this bump now. Just once ok maybe twice I'd like to go in say hello and visit for a few mins without his complaining. I know once this passes there will be something new for him to complain about. He had only been back a few days and I'm exsauted. The bowl issue really did me in. How do any of you deal with constsint complaints??

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Sometimes people get fixated on little things because they have no actual control over the big things. You can't fix the big things here either. I'd say go for distractions. Token attention to the obsessions, like a dab of antibiotic ointment with xylocaine (ingrown hairs and abscesses can hurt some), and lots of attention to anything else handy like a funny movie or anything else at all he could enjoy.

And, use a little stool softener to prevent the bowels from clogging up again...
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