94-year-old dad with vision problems failed road test 3 times. 93-year-old mom with dementia has valid license, but not safe to drive either.

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Do you mean can you legally just take the car? Well, be prepared for him to report it stolen. If he failed the road test, and lost his license, his only problem isn't vision. You may have cognitive impairment or dementia going on. You can contact the Department of Public Safety (or your state's equivalent) and advise them that he is driving without a license and be prepared for legal consequences when they stop him (he may get a ticket or if combative go to jail). You can disable the car (battery, etc.) so that it doesn't start. You can contact the insurance agent that covers the car (if he still has insurance) and tell them it's being driven by an unlicensed driver - perhaps the agent calling him to tell him that he can't drive will get through to your father. If you bring up the money consequences, sometimes that will stop the behavior. Is he driving because they have no alternative? Have you helped arrange transport services to get them help - or delivery service for groceries and medications? This is one of the hardest things to deal with. My MIL with Parkinson's drove through a garage door and then almost ran over the repairmen fixing it and still didn't quit driving until she had a seizure episode and the neurologist told her she could not drive for at least 6 months. Maybe the doctor can be roped into it.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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