Mom and dad going into a nursing home.

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MS - No, if they are on Medicaid or have entered the NH as "medicaid pending", they are required to do a copay or SOC (share of cost) of all their combined monthly income less a small personal needs allowance. To be compliant for Medicaid the SOC must be paid unless there is a specific exemption filed (like a community spouse or a diversion of part of their income to pay only certain costs on property currently under Realtor contract).

So they basically end up walking on any preNH debts..... property taxes, mortgages, credit cards, insurance premiums, tithings, etc. And whatever fallout - like foreclosure, collections agencies, etc. - just happens. Unless family pays those costs or debts. Whether this makes sense to do, just depends on the situation.
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Each state has it's own allowance for what the patient gets to keep from their income. Think in terms of them getting to keep $30-60 per month. So this is a problem if they have other obligations like a mortgage, storage costs, csr payment, other debts. If they have assets and debts get an appointment with an elder law, attorney to get advice now.
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Are your parents going to be paying for care at the Nursing Home themselves ( in my area, mom's nh cost, paid by her is $12,000 a month) or will they be getting government assistance because they are destitute?

If you think that as tax payers, we should fund nursing home care for all, at no cost to the patient, so that the patient can retain their pensions, you should be prepared to pay very, very high taxes.

The way the system works in the US, if you need Medicaid, which is for those with little or no income, you must pay all available income as your " share of cost".
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Nursing homes are expensive and it will likely take all his income and assets to pay for it. Isn't that why we accumulate wealth in our younger years, so we can pay for care in out old age?
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