My dad's checking account doesn't have enough to pay his share of the nursing home bill this month. Can we deposit $1000 of our money into his account to pay for it and then pay ourselves back from his account over time? He will be keeping $120 a month in his account from social security and VA benefits, so can we pay ourselves back $100 a month for 10 months?

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Is he private pay? Medicaid? If Medicaid why "his share". The nursing home should be getting his SS check and any pension. The balance is paid by Medicaid. Small amount of money is kept out of SS for his personal needs (PNA). In NJ it's $50. If he has money in his checking account it can be used for outstanding bills or for something he needs. I would not deposit into this account. I would write a personal check and pay the home directly. To be honest, I don't understand "his share". If he is short this month he will be next month. Once Mom was in the NH, even private paying for two months, I was not allowed to pay any bills that weren't for her personal care. She had a house, I couldn't pay taxes, utilities, upkeep or insurance unless I paid myself.
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