MediCaid pays for 1 shift and we self-pay the other. Will the VA pay for the latter? My Dad is basically bedridden and incontinent. Until recently he used a walker to get to the kitchen but now needs a wheelchair. Thanks. His son.

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It might depend on his rating, somewhat. Benefits office should be able to help.
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SonOfVet, it's certainly worth a call to either the VA or to your state veterans service office. The maximum VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit for a single person is $1,830 per month, so it's not going to cover the full cost of a 12-hour shift for 30 days per month, but it would put a dent in that cost. I just found out yesterday that in my state the A&A benefit is not counted as income by Medicaid, so if you can get A&A for your dad, it might not adversely affect his Medicaid benefit. A&A is based on need, so I think it's worth investigating.
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This website says that while it is theoretically possible to collect these two benefits at the same time, it is unusual.
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