THe money runs out in 12 months.

Dad is in amazing memory care place and it greatly pains us to think of moving him. Mom is in a supportive living facility in another town. No assets outside of cash which will dry up in a year. Struggling at the idea of moving him from this amazing place just to qualify him for Medicaid while mom gets the bulk of the money for future needs (she did not like my grandpa but loved spending the money he left to my dad when he died—not cool!!)

Has anyone ever qualified BOTH parents for Medicaid at the same time? — as would happen if we let the money be totally spent until they both qualify? That sounds hard to do both at same time!

Or do we transfer assets to mom and let dad qualify for Medicaid first since he’s the “institutionalized” one.

what to do what to do!?!?

I would consult an elder care attorney who is well versed in Medicaid qualifying ins and outs.
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Get the advise of an Elder Care attorney- one that is in the same area where your parents are located.
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You need first to understand Medicaid. Lets say Dad needs Medicaid. Mom becomes the Community Spouse. Their finances are looked at and split. Not sure how SS and pensions work but Mom will not be impoverished. Ex: Mr R needed LTC. He and Mrs R had 60k in the bank. That 60k was split 30k each. Mr Rs 30k went towards his care then Medicaid took over. Mrs R remained in the house, got the car, had 30k and enough income to pay the bills.

Other than asking if Dads facility excepts Medicaid, I would not discuss Medicaid with a Social Worker unless she/he worked for Medicaid. There are too many scenarios when it comes to Medicaid. Everyones circumstances are different. You can either talk to a Medicaid caseworker or get a lawyer versed in Medicaid to help you.
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Go talk to an elder law attorney. If the memory care doesn't accept Medicaid, your Dad will have to be moved. That's just the way it is. I'm sorry. Find out what the attorney recommends and take it from there.
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Talk to a social worker at his facility. Do they not take Medicaid? They will be the best 1st step to finding out what you should do. Don't let them tell you to keep paying for their facility if they don't accept Medicaid. He will have better luck moving if he is self pay for a while.
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