Dad has too many assets to apply for caregivers assistance. Is there any other help for me?


is there a program where I can apply for assistance and not turn in his assets. I take care of my dad but don't get paid.

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What do you mean "too many assets to apply for caregiver assistance"? Are you trying to get free help from Medicare? You can get a caregiver for far less than hiring from an agency - which is a bit daunting seeing those rates then calculating the daily then weekly then monthly rate - I know... I've been through it. Try posting a wanted ad at a local college'; oftentimes you can find students hungry for hands-on experience who will work for a lot less than you'll find at an agency. Local papers also feature individuals looking for employment, maybe their last case passed on but I found if you deal with it yourself, interview the prospective caregiver candidate, you'll do much better than with an agency although if you hire through an agency, you won't have to worry about salary and taxes and you can pretty much depend on the honesty/integrity of those individuals as they probably have a working history. So there are pros and cons for each. But spend your father's money on him and get him what he needs.
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Yup, if you take care of Dad, he should compensate you for fairly for the time you put in. As a wise person in this forum once shared with me... Let Dad know you are proud of who he's always been and his sense of responsibility that always had him standing on his own two feet. Well, he needs to continue doing so, even at his stage in life. Using the rainy day analogy jeanne used, this same person used by saying... Dad, you did a wonderful job saving for a rainy day... well, it's finally raining and you need to pay someone to hold the umbrella for you. I say that it's best to be someone you love and someone who loves you back rather then a total stranger.

If you're going to do this though, be sure to get it in writing and then be sure to look at it as a job and claim your earnings so you can keep up your own Social Security contributions or, as Jeanne pointed out, you could find you have no retirement when your rainy day comes.
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Your dad should be using his assets for his own care. Isn't that what they are for? Whether he pays you or pays someone else, it is his responsibility as long as he has funds.

What is he saving his assets for at this point in his life? If they were for a rainy day, I'd say the storm has hit.
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It wouldn't be fair for you to turn to the taxpayers to pay you when your Dad is financially able to pay for his own care. You could put together an employment contract with your Dad that show how many days a week you work and at what salary, and your Dad pay for that work... either he or you would be responsible for your payroll taxes.

Or if your Dad is able to afford to pay you, he might as well hire a professional caregiver and pay him/her... thus allowing you time to get back out into the work force so that you can save for your own retirement.

Let us know how this works out.
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