Odoban does not work and we have broken the washer and dryer trying to wash his shoes. They are very heavy. The smell is awful and spreads through the house. Soaking them makes it difficult to dry in less than a week and by that time there is an issue with his back up pair.

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Clorox urine remover (black spay bottle) works wonders when cleaning the bathroom floor and after pet accidents. Maybe try squirting it into shoes?
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My suggesting is buying slip on slippers with a sole. They can be thrown in the washer. But too, why is his catheter leaking and why does he need a catheter? Catheters can cause UTIs. He can wear pull ups. I hope he is not living alone. With all his problems, maybe its time for a nice NH. I think you have a lot on ur plate and stress is not good for your health condition.
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I’m not sure what you mean by “gets opened”. Is it faulty or is he fiddling with it? If it’s flooding his shoes, it’s probably too full. If you have an outdoor area, try putting them out there to air out and dry.
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I agree with mac, addressing the bag issue is the important angle of this issue.

Is it possible to get a few more pairs of shoes and put them into the rotation, I would want a fresh pair every day. Feet issues are horrid.

Let us know what you do.
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Wguy are you not working on the urine bag issues. Drain it more often.
Is he living alone or is he supervised. If not he may need a caregiver
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