I'm the one taking care of her. Me and my husband have moved in with her to take care of her. But we pay for everything because it's easier then fighting with him just to pay for the bills and her medicine.

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Dear Kaity,

I know its hard. You are in a very difficult situation trying to care for your grandmother and seeing your dad spend her money inappropriately. I would suggest talking with a social worker to find out all your options. I know as daughters we are generally the peacekeepers of the family but in the case don't be afraid of confrontation. Your dad cannot continue to get away with his. Report him to Adult Protective Services if necessary.
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Does your father have some kind of mental health problem? How on earth can he think he can use her money for himself?

Stop paying the bills. Notify everyone who sends bills that your father has POA for his mother. Provide his contact information. If you happen to have a copy of the POA document, make more copies and send them to the people who bill grandmother. As POA your father has legal responsibility to pay those bills with his mother's money.

Document how much grandmother's medicines cost per month. Tell him that he either has to pick the medicines up from the drug store, or give you that much cash each month so that you can.

Do you have evidence that he is spending his mother's money on himself?

If he refuses to honor his responsibilities as POA, call APS and report that grandmother is being exploited financially. This really has to stop.
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