A few days before this happened hospice was called in for help. Mentally and physically I am having difficulties giving him the level of care he needs and deserves when hospice aides aren’t here. We are stretched to the limit of our bud, financially he makes too much for Medicaid. What are some good options for us?

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What are your dad's resources for paying for caregiving?

You should not be footing the bill to pay for caregivers. Have you spoken to an Eldercare attorney about creating a Miller Trust (if you reside in a state that allows them) to reduce dad's income to Medicaid -eligible levels?

Hospice in a nursing home setting might be a better option than having him at home.
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Is he in the hospital? Or is he at home with an untreated fractured femur?

If the latter, I would pull the plug on hospice temporarily and get him to the hospital via ambulance. See what the options for treatment are.

Once he's in the hospital, you tell discharge that he cannot safely be cared for at home by you alone any longer. They will need to find a hospice facility or set up hospice care at a nursing home, which can be paid for out of his funds.
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Glendaj2 Dec 7, 2018
He is at home with me, has been x-rayed and evaluated. He can’t undergo surgery. He will be bedridden until the end. Hospice has provided pain meds for him.
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