When I probated Moms Will, I had to send a letter stating the Will was being probated to Beneficiaries and "interested" parties. Your brother would be an interested party. As a beneficiary or interested party they have a right to see a copy of the will. It is also filed with the County so it becomes public. Its customary that wills between spouses read "what is mine is yours".

No, you don't have to show or discuss Moms finances with Brother as POA. Just like Mom doesn't have to discuss her finances with ur brother. You r representing her "only" if Mom is incompetent. If Mom still has her mind and you r just helping, then u definitely have no right to discuss her finances. POA only comes into effect if Mom can no longer make informed decisions, found incompetent.

Your brother maybe able to ask for an accounting but he may not be able to do that until Moms death. So make sure u keep good records. If she is competent, have her draw up a new will now Dad is gone.
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What does the will read? If it states that your mom inherits everything, then no you do not. I question what he's after. Keep all of your reciepts, scan the whole mess at end of the month (consolidate as many as possible on 1 page) print 2 hard copies front and back of paper, and save to file on computer. Keep hard copies in different places, safe deposit box, one at home, but keep them separated. Sounds like you need to CYA with sibling. You are mom's poa for a reason, not him. Does he have a history of hitting mom up for money? Looking for a windfall from dad's passing? Speak to lawyer about how to proceed. Was the estate large enough that he may attempt to take control of mom and her assets from you much to her detriment? If you do allow him to "view" her information, make copies of her bank statement and black out her account number. Never leave him alone with any information. Do not leave a check or check book laying around, all he needs is her routing number and account number to do damage. Do not let her sign anything he may present to her without you and/or lawyer review it first. Is mom still of sound mind and able to make her own decisions? If you are worried about him attempting to take control of her and assets and she is not able to mentally make decisions check with lawyers to become her guardian so he will nit be able to exploit her. Tread carefully.
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No, as POA it is your job to keep mom's business private. You may want to setup an appointment with the attorney that prepared the documents and ask that person to explain to bro, by letter or in person, a POA's responsibilities.

Now, make sure you document everything spent for mom, a thorough accounting, since it looks as if brother dear may look to cause trouble in the future. POA does not give you free reign of the resources, everything spent must be for mom's benefit and hers alone.
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