She did not discuss anything with me and I don't know where she is. She said I'm taking dad to live with me. Do I have any rights?

This was not a good decision on sister's part. If he needs care, she just took him away from established doctors who know him. If he is on Medicare, no problem but supplimental insurances don't always go over state lines. Then there is Medicaid for LTC. Doesn't go over state lines. He has to establish residency.

You don't have last known address of sister? Have you tried putting her name in the internet and see what comes up. As suggested, call APS. Tell them you just need to know where he is and that he is safe. If your sister wants to care for him, let her. I bet she hasn't been around enough to see how Dad really is. She is in for a huge awakening.

If she calls crying to you, say "Oh well, you had to whisk him off not knowing how bad he was" Taking him away from familiar surroundings was not wise. It could make him worse. What goes around comes around. I had an Aunt who had moved to Wy to be married to a man she met while visiting her Uncle out there. She talked her mother into moving in with Uncle, her Moms brother. That didn't work out so she took her to live with her. When her Mom was getting to be a handful, she complained to her brother. His response was "you wanted her to live out there".

Hope ur able to contact them.
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I’m assuming neither you nor your sister have a POA for dad? The only way to have “rights” would be to file for guardianship.
Are you concerned for your fathers safety? Do you have your sisters address or phone number? I suppose you could contact the Adult Protective Service and ask for help.
Were you involved in caring for your father before your sister took him away? Give us a bit more information for better suggestions.
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Bumping this up. I hope someone has some ideas for you.
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