Dad is usually a happy & docile person. The morning after his surgery he was calm & not in any pain. He had his orange juice, yogurt & a big bowl of oatmeal. Dad read the paper as usual. Then he sat in his favorite chair by the fireplace. I came up to him with an ice pack & asked him to put it on his cheek.. Dad exploded & started cussing saying he wanted to leave. He walked to the front door with his cane & went outside. I followed in my nightgown & asked him what was wrong & would he come back inside. He then hit me with his cane. Dad started walking down the sidewalk, ranting the whole time & started hitting parked cars. I wrestled the cane away from him & he hit me with his fists. Dad walked to the corner of what is a busy street. My husband came out & spoke in a calm manner & tried to find out what was wrong. My dad started waving & yelling help, help, I've been kidnapped. He refused to go back in the house. I had to call the police & the EMT's. He told the police we had not visited him in over a year. Dad used to live 50 miles away & we saw him 2-3 x a week. The officer told me I could press charges for domestic violence but of course I did not want to do that. Dad said he did not want to live with us. The female EMT finally convinced him to go inside. I gave him prescribed medication to calm down & he fell asleep in his chair. Before he went to bed for the night he told me he was sorry. So I know he was aware of what happened. The next day he was quiet & still angry. The day after that he was ok. Now I am afraid to be alone with my dad. My husband now goes everywhere with us. We have put locks on the doors. He's never been violent before & never spanked me as a child. Dad has his own bedroom & bathroom. We take him places to keep him busy. He's in PT & we take him 2x a week & do exercises with him every day. We have done everything we can to keep him healthy & happy. We have looked at 4 homes together & have 2 tours scheduled next week. What's next? I know routine is important for dad & he has that living with us. It all just makes me sad & frustrated.

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I thought this was a normal thing for those with Alz. is it not? I mean I've heard of the outbursts etc that go along with this disease. Do you think it's related to the oral surgery he had? Could it be that he's in pain and just doesn't realize why or where he's hurting? Maybe it's time he was re-evaluated by a doctor to see if this is a trend, or something temporary. Maybe it's an infection from surgery? I don't know.
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