Dad has a sugar baby draining his finances. How can I intervene?


He acts like a teenager, having lover's quarrels and spats. He wants to end things, but she knows her rights and always gets him to take the blame and "forgive her." How can I intervene?

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CM, my first thought was exactly yours. Linda, what "rights" does this woman have? Is she a paid "sugar baby"? Does she have some contract, or some hold on your father?

If he wants to "end things", help him. Change his phone number, e-mail account name, change locks on the house if she has some, get a PPO to keep her away from him. In fact, if she's dipping into his finances, a PPO might be the best solution.

But I think more information is needed about the "rights"; this situation may be more complex than we realize.
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If the old rooster is competent & cognitive, there is little you can do.

I will however suggest you keep a detailed notebook on what happens & please, pls, pls, if there is anything of moms still at the house that you want (photos, needlepoint, jewelry, her collection of Corning-ware...) go & get it.
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She knows her "rights"? What rights?

How long has this "relationship" been going on? Intervening is rarely productive, by the way. But please do say a little more about the situation.
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