My dad has been physically threatening me and being overly aggressive when the situation doesn't call for anything close to that anger. I'm worried about him.

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My mother has vascular dementia. She can be very verbally aggressive. Her anger can be sudden and, though not physical, it is emotionally violent. It is usually triggered by something small. Like last night I asked her to remember to flush the toilet so the sewer doesn't back up. (Her toilet gets clogged with toilet tissue when she doesn't flush it.) Ooo boy, she went off on me with anger totally out of line with what was said. So I just walked away and came back to my room to play on the computer and read while I cooled down.

When someone has such a hair-trigger temper, there is little you can do to not trip it. Even being totally meek doesn't work, since that can trip the temper, too. Just know it is going to happen and that it is not your fault. You can walk carefully on eggshells, but they are still going to crack.The best way I've found to deal with it is walk away. To say anything back will just escalate the situation.

Last night my mother stopped by my room on her way to bed. She apologized and said it would never happen again. I just stayed quiet, because I know that she won't be able to help it. I know that I either have to put up with it the best way I can or try to put her in a facility. Neither way is much fun. Yep, this really hurts much of the time.
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What is the back story....Dementia, ALZ?
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The next time he gets like that, call the police. Let them take him to the hospital and let the hospital deal with him. If it is your house and the hospital calls to let you know they are about to release him, tell them that he has no safe place t go and no you are not taking him to your place and caring for him.
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