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I'm POA for my folks in WV and I'm in MI.

Igloo gives all the right advice. The key to this is his competency and cooperation. I got my POA and banking stuff lined up just in the nick of time before my dads dementia would have made it impossible.  If your dad is cooperating you should jump on this opportunity .  (Unless you don't want the responsibility)

Read up on poas on this site. Use a lawyer, not some on line form. Get a broad medical and financial POA that's in effect now, not one in which dad must be proven legally incompetent before you can act for him.

Get all the bills and financial stuff mailed to you and pay bills from your home.

Go to his banks and get the forms you need to be on his accounts. He doesn't have to go. Fill out,the forms, have dad sign them and file them with the bank.

This all takes boots on the ground. Plan on a visit of several days.
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Yes, & there are some things you / dad can do to have things run smoother. I was DPOA for my mom in TX but lived in LA. It was do-able but I went to visit around every 4 mos for several days as my work schedule allowed for this.

I'm assuming that dad is planning on being a FL resident & ditto for you in VA, right? I'd make sure that all his paperwork is done by a FL atty & get everything all updated now while dad is still competent & cognitive. For us, changes & new documents were done several years before she ever needed a NH. I'm assuming your dad is still competent & cognitive, so can do things.

Then I'd switch dads banking to a bank group that is in FL & VA with you as a signature on & POD on all his accounts. Get his SS and all other direct desposits into this new bank. I'd suggest that you open your own account at the bank too so that your a customer as well. Sit with him to get all his credit cards and other items & bills to go both on-line & by snail mail. Id do this for CMS as well - Centers for Medicare & medicaid as well. If he has investments, meet with his broker on your next trip down as they may have paperwork to e done as well. So that when the day comes that he can't do it, your already knowing the user name & passwords & familiar with whats what in FL. Consolidate & close out what you can. My mom had a bunch of CC from stores she never really shopped at anymore; got all closed but kept a visa.

Try to start a binder that gets updated every year. Within it have a copy of the DPOA, his will, life & health insurance info and his annual awards letters (the trifold that SS and most retirements send out in Nov Dec that state what his income will be fir the incoming year). Plus the funeral / burial policies.

If dad wants to do all this consider yourself very lucky.
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