My Dad has finished his 100 days of skilled therapy. Any advice?


He still won't try to stand up not even to do transfers he's not paralyzed. I found a great place for him 24 hour care so I won't have to worry about him. But my brother wants him to stay there only long enough to build his 100 days back up so medicare would have to give him skilled therapy again that means he would have to go home I disagree I'm the one who always answered his phone calls after midnight paid his bills make sure he went to doctors and made sure he had food everyday, That means he would have to go home and something would have to happen to him to enter hospital again , I have him in a great loving safe place just like home 3 meals someone to talk to

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Could your dad be not participating in therapy because he's depressed?
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I agree with what Jeanne wrote. It seems a little silly to do what your brother said. Chances are that Medicare will also see it that way. If Medicare reviews a case and finds it would be of no benefit, then it will refuse to pay. If that happened, it would be quite a mess for everyone. If the present arrangement is good, I agree with you, Sunny5. Let your dad stay there and learn to enjoy his life again.
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It sounds like 24 hour care is what he needs. How could he go to his home if he can't get himself out of bed or from his recliner to a wheelchair, etc?

Did he make any progress in the skilled therapy period? I am surprised they kept him that long if he refuses to stand.

Does he have dementia? Your profile says "age-related decline" but his refusal seems like something else. Why was he in therapy?

In any case, you have him in a good situation for him. Stand your ground.

Do you have POA for Dad? If he is able to understand the concept of allowing someone else to act on his behalf, now might be a real good time to get that taken care of.

Your brother may be in denial about your father's abilities. He may be feeling guilty that he did so little to help out before. Or he may have an eye on a future inheritance and hate to see Dad's money being used for his own care. Whatever his motivation is, he is wrong. Dad belongs where he can get appropriate care at any time of the day or night. You are doing the right thing.
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You did the right thing. Your brother is in denial, not accepting reality. Just make sure the home does not allow Dad to leave the building.
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