Wow, back again. This last Saturday we entered my father's room at his nursing home. As I entered my father was laying with his face planted down on the ground on his stomach. Well, not exactly a good situation to walk into. Then the staff, all CNA's were running around with their heads cut off. Well, I took over. I am a flight attendant for over 25 years. What shocked me they left him unattended to go get a Hoyer. Well, long story short my father broke his neck in febuary from a fall. He is now recovered, but they wanted to move him with a Hoyer. Not knowing of his previous neck injury. I of course freak out because I knew they should not move him period. Especially with a previous neck injury. I then call 911 and order everyone to leave the room that was not a nurse. Who showed up 10 minutes later. She was eating. My point is we are going to pull him from this nursing home, one because of the fall and not knowing the proper protocol to handle someone with a previous neck injury and secondly stage two bed sores. What should we do next? Should we contact a lawyer? And I have tried to call ombudsman and health department of minnesota, but no returned phone calls. Help. Any suggestions would be greatful.

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I think my first joint priorities would be (a) to find another placement (b) ensure that he gets proper treatment while he's still there, and (c) file a complaint.

Besides the Joint Commission, there may be other local Minnesota agencies that could get involved. Your local Area Agency on Aging might be able to help guide you to those organizations.

I can't imagine the horror of visiting one's parent only to find him face down on the floor. I think my reaction would be 1/2 fear and shock and 1/2 fury.

Document everything, have a meeting with the admins, document the meeting but don't tell them you're going to pull him until you actually find another placement. Address the issues of (a) how he ended up falling (b) why the staff weren't aware of proper protocol for safe lifting and/or calling EMS (c) immediate changes to ensure that these things don't happen again and (d) how he got the bedsores and what treatment was or was not provided.

I suspect your calls haven't been returned because those agencies are busy with problem solving for other cases. If you can get a e-mail address, try that, and of course document those e-mails as well.

I wouldn't bring an attorney in until your father is placed elsewhere, unless the treatment becomes worse before you can get him out of there.

After your father is safely elsewhere, you might want to order a copy of his records, but remember that if you're considering suing, damages have to such that an attorney could make it worth his/her while. If you're thinking of involving legal counsel to ensure proper treatment, there are two sides to that issue: (1) the staff may hunker down, close ranks and refuse to communicate frankly with you, and/or (2) they may actually "jump to" and provide better treatment.

I do hope you're able to get some satisfaction as well as a better placement for your father ASAP.
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Poor you! yes i would get him out of there and get him into a proper home with a good reputation! Its a disgrace to treat someone like this i would get a lawyer and sue them for negligence seems these homes are getting away with alot?
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Report They take online reports, and response is rapid.
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