Dad did not transfer ownership of house to any of 3 children and state now has claim on house. Can anything be done?


Dad passed 3 years ago. Can anything be done to keep house in family?

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Claim is somewhat different creature that lien.
GettingEducated, perchance are you in TX? TX does recovery as a claim.

How did you discover there was a “claim”...... is family attempting to sell or transfer house and title co found it so property can’t move?
or Your in probate and state has filed claim?

If this is MERP (Estate Recovery) a NOI (Notice of Intent) would / should have been sent to whomever state had on file as contact for the on Medicaid elder. Who in family would have been listed as contact? Did they respond to NOI?
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Does the state have a lien on the house? If so, which agency? A taxation department? Or, as often happens, the state's Medicaid office's Estate Recovery Division? Or did the state assume ownership through a legal proceeding?

When did this happen - you mention your father passed three years ago, but when did the state put it's lien or claim on the property?

We may be able to provide better responses with more details as to your situation.

Best wishes.
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