They don't have room in the nursing home. He is living at the hospital swing bed. He is able to dress himself, feed himself etc. but doesn't so it unless told it's time to dress, undress, shower, eat, etc. He cannot afford assited living as he is on medicaid. I'm wondering what we need to say. Should I keep telling him he can't wasn't taking care of himself at home? Or just be quiet and listen. When I have tried that he tells me to go to hell and get out of there. Is this the right thing to do? We think of our parents as going back to being a child and not rewarding bad behavior works with childen, will it work with him? I don't think he will learn the lesson the way a child does, but I find myself leaving him alone because I don't want to listen to him. He has never been a man to swear in front of a woman, this is new behavior for him. How do I find activies he likes when all he has ever done is work? He has been in swing bed for two months and the problem is juse getting worse. He failed on the cognitive testing. The doctors have explained this to him, but he insists he passed all the tests. He has his hat and coat on all the time and has refused to eat or take medications. He dosen't have Alzheimer, just dementia. I have a note book that I write answers in, but he's not asking a question. He's just getting out!
I just need to know if I should keep telling him he has to stay there for his own safety or just listen when he rants. How do I talk to him??

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You can hold your father's hand and tell him you love him and that he is safe where he is today. What is the hospital swing bed? How long can he remain there?
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