My uncle is his power of attorney and he lives in FL for the winter, I just recently found out that my father's rent has not been paid in several months and yesterday the Assisted Living Home gave him a notice to leave in 10 days, I have talked to my Uncle who insisted that he has paid his rent?? I am not sure what to do?

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bbirr4, if you Uncle had paid the rents for the months missing, he should be able to get a copy of said checks from his bank or copies if it was an automatic payment. That would clear up everything very quickly.

If for some reason payment hadn't been made, then your Uncle should be able to make up the back rental payments along with any late fees.

Wonder if a 30-day notice had been sent to your Uncle and for some reason he didn't get the letter. Forwarded mail to Florida could have been delayed or lost, or the letter had been returned to the nursing home.
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I would talk to the AL facility and let the uncle show the evidence the rent was paid. Something is off here. I'm sure that the AL facility wants to work things out. Please let us know where things went wrong. Yes, the AL facility can evict them. I don't think it can be as fast as 10 days, but I still wouldn't want to make them hostile. I hope you can get things worked out.
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