Save you both the unnecessary grief, and just empty his catheter bag for him. He may not be remembering how or when to, so just do it yourself, and live in peace.
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I agree with RealyReal. This may be beyond your Dad's skills. May be something you will need to take over for him. Even if he is capable of DOING it, he may not be capable of understanding when, and need to wash up after. Wishing you good luck.
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1st off, no dad likes to be told what to do by his children. That always creates resistance.

2nd I would be wondering about his executive function skills. Does he get confused with how to do the emptying?

Have you asked the doctor to give him instructions and reinforce the need to empty it and to wash thoroughly afterward? That would be what I would try.

I hope you find something that simplifies the process.
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FLTNdaughter Oct 27, 2020
He knows and yes it’s difficult for me to get him to do anything. He listens to my husband. He refuses or balks at my requests. I know I can’t fix this. I feel so alone. My husband can let it roll off his back (God bless guys). I am exhausted and lost. Waiting for a couple more doctors reports and then I can get him into the appropriate assisted living facility.
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