Last time I looked into this was well over 5 yrs ago. Mom is clear minded, no dementia. Mobile enough to self toilet and bathe. I beleive she is starting to need supervision, she has poor balance and am concerned would fall and be alone. Would like live in for companionship, supervision, light housekeeping. Would self pay. I can keep a closer look on weekends. Any feedback on if this would suffice is welcome. Thanks

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The rate is whatever the caregiver and your Mom agree on that would be fair. An employment agreement would need to be drawn up which states how many hours per day the caregiver would work, what days off if any, the duties of the caregiver, the hourly rate, and who would pay the payroll taxes.

Now in some States, if a caregiver works over a certain number of hours in a week, your Mom would need to pay overtime.

Also, with a caregiver who is not from a licensed Agency, your Mom would need to have a "workman's comp" rider on her homeowner's insurance just in case the caregiver hurts herself.

I have a caregiver for my Dad from an Agency, that is licensed, bonded, insured, and has workman's comp, plus they do background checks and all their caregivers are up to date on their TB tests. I pay around $30 per hour. The caregiver does not live in the house.
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