My 84-year-old mother has level 5-6 dementia and COPD. I have been told by a hospice provider that because she is not on oxygen for the COPD and is not diagnosed with anything other than COPD and dementia that she does not meet the criteria for hospice services. However, she can barely walk even with a walker and has to have assistance bathing and dressing and sometimes eating.

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In order to meet the qualifications for Medicare, who pays for Hospice, there are very specific requirements . The person doing the assessment will have to follow this. I found a chart online by googling. Dementia is the most difficult one to get approved without co-morbidities. I would have her assessed by a different Hospice agency.
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My mom qualified for hospice under a 'failure to thrive' designation. Use those exact words. If she can't do her activities of daily living (ADL's) and is that far into dementia she may qualify. Try a different hospice.

I should add my mom had no concrete diagnosis of anything other than FTT. She had lost over 10% of her weight in two months down to 72 pounds when she finally let us bring hospice into the picture. If you can demonstrate a very rapid decline, that should bring hospice into the picture.

I wish my mom would've allowed it earlier. She went through needless pain with her stubborn attitude.

I hope you get the support you and your mom deserve on your journey together.
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