need to move her close to me in Bear DE, as power of attorney and medical , this move is for her personal safety and so I can closely monitor her care. she has experienced physical and emotional attacks at the facility in NC.

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When that happened to my mother in law, thanks to my niece being an elder law attorney in training, the facility where she was abused ended up covering her costs in a much better facility. If the attacks were reported and the facility could be liable that would be a consideration. If you have a facility in mind near you in Delaware, then you could ask their admissions coordiator or social worker for help in negotiating the coverage changes with the move. If not, you might go to the local Health Dept/DHS/Area Agency on Aging and find out more that way. You'd think she could stil be covered by NC Medicaid for some time before establishing residence in Delaware, but every state's regs and look backs and all are different, so getting the advice of someone experienced and also making sure you'd be able to cover private pay for any brief period if it could be needed could be important.
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