I am sure my cousin has no intentions of paying for these things but is probably betting that it will take the bank a long time to find the cars as they dont have his address or know that it is him who even has the vehicles.. and probably a long time for eviction too.

I'm also willing to bet that cousin has not informed Soc.Sec. or the companies that pay my grandfathers pensions about his passing. (I also noticed cousin attached his name to grandpa's bank accounts)

Is any of this a crime? Should I inform the bank where the cars are located ? Inform soc. Sec. and the pension companies?

Or do nothing and let those groups "handle"it when they figure it out?

Is any of this a crime? I have no interest in throwing good money after bad and probating my grandfathers estate. Cousin is a deadbeat convicted felon that has no assets or earning potential, so I am positive he has run through most, if not all of the cash. However; if this is ilegal and something a prosecutor would go after, I would be happy to assist.

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Offhand it sounds like identify theft, and if he is still cashing checks for a deceased person, fraud.
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