My father is in advanced stage of dementia. My stepmother is his caregiver. She and I had a falling out & is now not allowing me to see him.

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Both of you are adults; it may be hard but extend an olive branch and try to make peace with her. Repugnant as that may be, she apparently is key to seeing your father.

You don't mention why she took him back, or what your position was on that issue.

If she continues to refuse access, one option is to contact APS to determine if everything is all right and if he's being cared for properly. I don't know if they could advise you on how to get visitation rights, but you could ask them. Or ask the local police.

You might even has to find an attorney, such as those who provide limited free legal advice at a senior center.

I don't know if there is such a thing as court ordered visitation for a parent.

This is a sad situation when a family member is denied access to see a loved one.
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I think it depends on what the point of contention was. Does she say why you can't see him?

You might see an attorney and see what if any rights you have under the law. Sometimes a clever lawyer can think creatively and prepare an offer to resolve your differences and work something out, especially if the dispute was over money or property.
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Additional information for the previous question. I had my father in my home before the falling out with my step mother. My father started moving his belongings into my home about 2 years prior, eventually everything he owned was brought over. He expressed wanting to stay with me because he didn't know who his wife was anymore (dementia). I know this is normal part of the progression. She came over to my house to take him back and we got into a heated discussion. It did not end well. Since then, 4 months, she has denied me to see him. What can I do.
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