I would like counseling on what to do or how to handle my mother that is totally anti social and expects the family to provide her with company. if we put her in senior or assistant living, she would refuse to talk to anyone there about anything. She said she would commit suicide if we did that to her. She can't live with me or my siblings. Being around her feels like a leech sucking the life out of me which is what my sisters also say. She can't really live on her own without anyone being right there to check on her. She's scared to be alone anyway.
I just want someone to help me cope with really having to put her in a care home and living with my decision. i tried to convince myself that i could get a rent house with her but it felt like i was dying and giving up my life here since i would have to move closer to other family that could help out. i'm not ready to leave my life here and become a caregiver. especially for someone that refuses to help themselves. I actually never wanted to live close to her and always wanted my life to be far away from her. She moved down here a few years ago and tried being close to a brother but he wouldn't take care of her and she got very ill.

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Hi, I found your question lost in the shuffle and thought I would regurgitate it . Well, there is general therapy. I went to a therapist the moment I heard my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's . One of my first thought was -well, sh*t- now she basically has a doctor's note for her bad behavior and I won't be able to say a darn thing!! And I wanted to be able to help her so I knew I had to get over some issues I had with her.
You say you do not want to be a part of her life and I do not know your story so that may be the healthy solution for you but maybe try traditional therapy first and see if it changes your mind. I don't know of any specific counselors but you can google therapists and try our a few. Find a good fit. This is hard-this parents getting older and needing us when we feel they that, maybe, they weren't so good to us. I am so glad I found a therapist and vented my feelings. I still have some issues but it really helped me. Good luck!!!
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