Is there counseling available for my very active mom (90) who lives alone mom in Spokane?


I live in Paris-so far away. I visit my mom at least twice a year and call her twice a week. Have a sister in California who visits and calls too. Mom lives alone is very active-drives to the gym 3 times a week, volunteers at Spokane VA hospital every Thursday. She recently had car accident-no one hurt but probably her fault. Not sure what her insurance company will do. I have tried to discuss what will happen if she can no longer drive. Talking with someone besides me or my sister would be beneficial. She is fiercely independent but things are changing. Thanks for your assistance. I can talk by phone toll free also. We are 9 hours ahead in Paris so your afternoon my late evening works.

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Thanks so much for your response. Google search was actually how I found but I will continue to check out other sites. Good tip on checking out VA hospital possibility. Much appreciated
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Do a Google search with some key words like "Spokane", "counseling", "elderly", etc. See what comes up. Try to find something that's close to your mom's home too. You can also try to find out if there are services available through the VA hospital where she works. I realize she's not a paid employee but if you can speak with someone there and explain the situation maybe they can help set something up for your mom on the days she volunteers.
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