I live in NJ. It was mandated years back that each township had to allow low income apartments. These apts are run by HUDD and they are very nice in my area. They require 1/3 of your income. Electricity and cable are ur responsibility. U maybe able to get help with Electric and cable can be basic or buy an antenna. There's food stamps. These places may have transportation and activities.

Call your local Office of Aging and ask about low income housing. The rent all depends on where u live.
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Not sure what your question is, but it IS doable but takes time and effort to visit the apartments & get on the waiting list as well as good budgeting.

You’ll have to prove your income and declare your assets. If you are on SSDI you’ll have to present your award letter of income from SS amongst other items relating to income ie bank accounts, pensions, etc. If you qualify you get put on a waiting list.

There are long waiting lists in some areas. I should say, in most areas as this was my experience.

My brother was eligible and received a voucher every month (his went directly to the apartment manager) and he still needed to pay the balance of the rent the voucher didn’t cover once he reached his full retirement age and as his income went up with SS. He also was eligible for assistance with utilities (electric).
If you are living alone you will be eligible for a one BR apt. You may want a 2 BR but you’ll have to pay the balance which will be higher on a 2 BR.

Figure that a voucher from the USDA will cover 70% of your rent. You will need to pay the balance.

I am not familiar with Medicaid and the application process as my brother did not qualify for Medicaid.

Good luck!
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Not certain what you are asking. Also there is so much variation in cities.
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You do not give specifics. Call your local social services department to start getting info. You will still need to do some footwork and might get waitlisted.
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