The agencies do not give a price range, and the time to schedule and interview agencies to compare prices is taking too long.

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The "fair" price for in-home care is probably about 30% than they do charge.

The "typical" price is usually about 25% more than you wish it was.
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Spinrose, We live in So Cal and use an agency
that charges about the same that freqflyer pays. Our agency
was the top recommendation from our local hospital when
dad was discharged almost 4 years ago and they are really great.
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Sorry spinrose, that is a tough question unless someone on the forum is from your neck of the woods and who has used an Agency.... the forums here go worldwide.

Sometimes we just need to make time for something as important as this. Things to check with an Agency are that they are licensed, bonded, insured, and offer their caregivers "workman comp", and see what other benefits might be given. A good company will have a small turn over of employees, where a "cheaper" company might have a huge turn over of employees.

The Agency I use here in the Wash DC area charges $29/hour for weekdays and $33/hour for weekends. And time & half for holidays. I think those prices are average for a large metro area.
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