What would it cost me to act as financial guardianship?


I have a relative deemed incapable

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One of our AgingCare.com Experts answers this question on our site to help caregivers like you. This is a common question asked by many caregivers who are dealing with power of attorney and guardianship for the first time. I hope this helps.

Q: How much does a power of attorney cost?

A: Getting a durable power of attorney for finances, sometimes referred to by the initials, "DPOA" can be at no charge. Most states have the form available online, or it can be obtained through Legal Aid offices, or elder legal services providers.
In some instances, however, the matter is complicated and a lawyer's advice is needed. In those matters there may be a conflict about who should be appointed as the "agent" on the power of attorney form. If there are several siblings, we don't normally recommend putting everyone's name on the document as sharing the role of agent for the aging parent. It can lead to family conflicts....


Karie H.
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Do you have POA? Guardianship can be expensive. I would contact a couple of attorneys that deal with elder law. Usually the consultation is free & the attorney should give you an estimate of the cost & explain the procedures. Good luck!
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