stylist gets physically violent with an elder client. Client violent hit by mad stylist. where to report.

Styists are licensed by the State. Their license has to be displayed at their station. You can find out what Board oversees Cosmetology license in ur State by going online.

I am curious in what happened that this Stylist felt she/he felt the need to hit a client? Second degree assault seems serious...

"State law defines second-degree aggravated assault as causing significant or serious bodily injury to another. Even attempting, and not actually causing, such injury to another can result in a second-degree assault charge."
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OPs mother has AD/dementia so neglects to say what she did to provoke the stylist to possibly defend herself. This is a tiny piece of a much larger story.

Not to mention, the title says the stylist has been charged already. So what's the question??
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I find it very hard to believe the event really happened.

Why? Because any real OP in this situation, would know where to report, and would have done so right away, instead of wasting time on a forum. For example, a real OP would have asked real-life friends what to do - and not writing on a forum, who knows how many days after this "event" happened.
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gladimhere Mar 19, 2023
I agree, the answer is in the question.
Edward Scissorhands comes to mind.
Very strange story
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vlhrdh, welcome to the forum. Did you see the hair stylist assault the client? Were there any other witnesses?

Why I ask, if a client has dementia, it is not uncommon for person who has dementia to make up stories just to get attention.
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Not taking up for the stylist because hitting anyone is assault. My question is this; did this elder have a sundowning episode and wasn't aware that they were at a salon having their hair done? If this were the case, more than likely the elder may have started the altercation and the stylist protected themselves. This happens a lot, and people will run screaming to police filing charges leaving out key information. It's bad enough that elders don't recognize their own loved ones let alone having a complete stranger touching them.

This puts any innocent bystander in harms way when dealing with a confused senior client. Also, it puts a business at risk when the personnel aren't prepared to handle someone with a brain disorder. It was up to the person who was in charge of the senior who should have taken the initiative warning the stylist about potential violent outbursts if this were the case. That way, it would have given the stylist the choice to accept the client or not. I get the feeling if the stylist refused, then the person would have filed discrimination charges and a lawsuit against the business. This is one of the reasons why it is becoming much harder to find home care help because of situations like this. Caretakers do not like being lied on and dragged into court over a confabulated story or a famiy member's failure to warn others what to look out for in a situation when dealing with elderly people. No one has the time or money to be tied up in court over nonsense.

The person should have remained with the senior. Stylists are not taught how to deal with senior clients who become disoriented, confused and violent that may lash out or strike someone.

This question sounds fishy to me. Stylist do not go around assaulting people especially elderly people. There are plenty of elderly people who visit stylists.
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glad, yes, this is a duplicate post but it has more info than the other one.

This post states that the stylist IS CHARGED WITH BATTERY, meaning the incident has been reported and the police and the court have been involved.

As to where to report, each state has a board of barbering and cosmetology. OP, you can look up the board for the state where the incident happened and report it. Perhaps, the violent stylist should have his/her license suspended or revoked.

As to what to do about protecting the elderly from violent stylists, you can do some screening before taking the elder to a new stylist. Ask for recommendations from family, friends, neighbors. Perhaps, you can try out the stylist first before taking your elder there.

I have never heard of a violent stylist. That's very strange. Most stylists go out of their way to be friendly in order to get a bigger tip.
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Duplicate post.
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