My mother was found dead in her home by the sheriffs after I called for a well check. They found her on the kitchen floor with the stove lying partially on her. She was 86 years old. They took her to the coroners office and her death was ruled natural causes. Why was it not ruled accidental since it is obvious she must have fallen and the stove fell on her, like she tried to grab for it to stop falling.

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M2M is absolutely right about cause of death findings. My friend's father had a life insurance policy that only paid for accidental death. He had heart attack and fell, breaking his neck and dying as a result. Insurance said heart attack was cause of death, not neck. No payout. My sister (who works in insurance) said that for any elderly person or one with medical issues that can be listed as cause of death such a policy will almost never pay out short of falling over something not related to physical infirmity and breaking one's neck. If the stove was pulled over onto mom BY HERSELF because she had a heart attack or broke a hip or had a stroke and she grabbed it going down, a coroner is going to rule that the preceding event is what caused (proximate) death.
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If she suffered a heart attack and grabbed the stove on the way down then the heart attack would be the cause of death, hence natural causes.

As a police officer I investigated a car crash, single vehicle into a pole, where it was determined that the person suffered a heart attack before the collision and it was labeled natural causes.
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