My mom was living in an assisted living facility. She felt sick on Friday-dizziness and she vomited, no fever. The facility sent her to a local hospital. They tested her for Covid and the test came back negative. They believe she might have pneumonia but haven’t gotten test results yet. She is extremely hard of hearing and needs one of her daughters by her side to explain everything. They gave out her in isolation and I believe she will deteriorate if we can’t see her to explain things. The hospital is giving us mixed information. Each time we call we are getting different info. They won’t feed her because they say she can’t swallow because she couldn’t swallow her meds (Hasnt in years but no one reached out to us about this). They haven’t moved her out of bed in 2 days. I believe if she stays there she is only going to get worse. Do we have the right to see her and take her out?

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Most hospitals are doing two tests now. You need not have coronavirus to be very sick with pneumonia or flu. Feeding someone who cannot swallow adequately is deadly, will cause aspiration pneumonia and a death by drowning. It has to be up to medical who are there to do swallow evals and make decisions about this. Getting up, if she is too ill to get up will also not help.
You are smack up against the worst of this; you cannot be at the bedside and you cannot get good information; you must feel horribly helpless. Ask to speak to the "patient care coordinator for you mother" or ask to speak to "social services". As you can imagine, the system right now is horrifically overwhelmed. Nurses everywhere are saying they cannot give safe and adequate care in these conditions. Unfortunately this pandemic is putting all at risk, whether they are Covid-19 positive or not.
I am so very sorry. If she hasn't been moved out of bed for two days then you have one indicator that the one you love is quite ill. I wish you all the best. Not being there and not knowing is horrible.
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They are probably waiting on getting a swallowing assessment before they give her any food. (was she on an altered diet in the AL?)

Call the patient advocate at the hospital and ask for compassionate allowance to be at mom's side. Ask that a sign be put over mom's bed saying "patient is deaf" if you can't get in to do it yourself.

Can you get the Director of Nursing at the AL to talk to the Head Nurse at the Hospital to explain her previous level of functioning?
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I don’t know how this works. I suppose it is according to your particular region.

Stick around for answers.

Hope your mom improves soon and you will find a viable solution.
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