When does it become easier to cope with a parent's death?

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My mom just passed away a week ago. She was my best friend as well as a mother. I spent the last 4 years taking care of her due to numerous health problems. I too can't believe how much pain I am feeling and wonder when it will pass. I had her living with me so I am surrounded by memories at home of her. I went back to work hoping it would be a distraction but still find myself thinking about her, crying and missing her. I am grateful she went quickly (aneurysm burst) and that I was with her when she went and she was happy. I am not married so I don't have a family to focus on. I never knew it would be this hard.
It becomes easier as time passes. :-) W

I am struggling with the loss of my Dad it is very painful as the previous writers have expressed... I am not sure if anyone will read this ..so will keep this short
My mom passed 12 years ago. I am an only child. My mom was my best friend. When she became ill, I spent three months in a hospital with her. Then she was discharged and the second night home at our house, fell down the complete flight of basement steps, breaking her hip and wrist badly. She hit her head, and the outline of the pool of blood is still visible at thebottom of the steps. Now my dad is living with us, and has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer at age 87. I am about to crack completely. We are trying to keep life somewhat normal for our two girls, but I am having so much trouble juggling work and this. I feel as if I dont want to be here anymore, but I know I have to for my kids. I cry all the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
My mother passed away 10-4-13, she was 93. Although I know we were blessed having her for so long, I still mourn her and think of her a lot. While she was in hospice, she was mentally alert but her body was shutting down and I could not bear to see her that way....I did see her before she went to hospice and told her how much I loved her fully knowing it would probably be my last time ever that I would see her alive. I live in MD and she was in NJ. The first few weeks and month after she passed I cried a lot and went through the motions with my brother of sorting things out with regard to mom's Will and wishes. It is almost 3 months now and the holidays brought a lot of sadness because she was not here BUT I did go through the motions of having Christmas...she would have wanted that. I have good days and I have bad days where all I do is cry BUT the good days are starting to become more frequent...and then of course you hear or see something that reminds you and you start grieving again but it doesn't last long like it did when she was only gone days or weeks. Everyone greives at their own "pace", there is no right or wrong way. I do know signs of depression if I have them but so far it happened only in the days and weeks following her funeral. I find myself having fun again a laughing...remembering all that was good about my mom...and that is a comfort to me.

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