How do you handle the empty space in your heart when your furry little caregiver (also lovingly knows as "pet") passes away? This is new to me and I'm struggling a bit today.

I knew how much my little kitty Daisy did for me and how much I relied on her and knew I'd be in trouble when she left this world, Well that day arrived yesterday. She had a short illness, and it went quicker than I could get my head around.

This kitty caregiver stayed up with me all night when I couldn't sleep. She calmed my worries after my husband's surgeries. She made me feel accepted in spite of our circumstance. She gave me something to look forward to each time I walked through the front door. She gave me a sense of normalcy. She made sure I wasn't alone. She never complained and never arrived late.

There is a huge empty place in my heart and life now. I cannot fill it with hiring someone. I don't really want to because she is not replaceable. I guess it will just have to hurt for a while and eventually when I think of Daisy it will not be painful, but it will make me smile.

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I moved from Florida to help my mom take care of my dad..he had macular degeneration and lost 3/4 of his was time for him to go on diaylsis and we decided to do the at home version...before we actually got to that dad had to have 4 surgeries in 4 months...My mom was dealing with dementia during this process, but going back and forth to hospitals and dialysis training I didn't have a whole lot of time for my mom...One night unexpectedly, she fell in the bathroom hitting her head,and never made it out of the hospital..she passed april 23, 2017 3 months shy of their 60 anniversary...My Dad fought the fight but he too passed away April 9 th 2018... They have 3 dogs 1 13 1 14 and rex is 8...I just recently 2 weeks ago had to put down one. The other one is struggling also...again I will have to build up the strength and courage to do this again.....I live now with so much sadness..I often wonder if I will ever smile , a real smile again....
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Thanks everyone for commenting and sharing your own thoughts.
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Ginger may-
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Daisy loved you with every beat of her little heart!
Pets are good for us(proven medical fact!), and help us cope. They are so adept at reading us... We never have to tell them how we feel!
Now, for the practical things. Pick up every toy and bed and such and hide it in a closet so you don't see it every day. I found that seeing my doggies favorite toy was like a stab to my heart. But don't throw everything away! When you are able(to look at pictures and write about it), make a small scrapbook about daisy. And maybe a shadow box with her collar and favorite toy, along with your favorite favorite picture of her.
They all have their own little personalities that make them special to us. Add cute kitty sayings like....

Someone told me cats are impossible to train.... This is complete nonsense! Mine had me trained in three days!

And my personal favorite...

Cats were once worshipped. And they have never forgotten this -

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I recall when I have lost pets. Man, I thought my heart would break in two. The only thing that helped me was time. I know that sounds cliche.
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I still mourn for every single animal I’ve had that’s gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The pain never completely goes away, but it gets to the point that it retreats to a corner of your heart after a while. Give it time. Don’t be afraid of your grief. Sometimes it helps to go to a pet loss support group, but they can make it worse, too.

When you are ready, consider going to a shelter and giving a home to another kitty who is as lonely as you are.
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I can only say I’m sorry
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