some of u know me, and my situation, mom has a very rare disease that is very progressive, she knows she is not for any circumstances allowed to get up and do things for herself, as she is an extreme fall risk, the highest cause of death for this disease is falling! She doesnt have dementia, and is fully aware of what shes doing, yesterday she fell and got hurt 3 times, going into her closet at the nursing home alone, not ringing the bell to ask for help, ever! they are tired of her non-compliance which is getting worse by the day, and restraints are against the law, I had the same problems with her at home when I used to care for her.............I get calls now at 2am telling me she fell, looking for nailpolish, and the dumbest stuff! I keep telling her she is risking her life, and she doesnt seem to think it will happen to her? she has been falling for 9 years now, 7 of them undiagnosed. I am truly scared I am going to lose my mom, because of her impulsivity, and lack of concern about herself............the staff is well aware, and has implemented all kinds of alarms, to notify them when she even moves, but she is so quick

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