How can I convince my father (67) he needs to move to assisted living because of his progressing dementia?


He was diagnosed 2.5 yrs ago and lives at home alone. He's also been going through cancer treatments, 4 surgeries and radiation, with one more surgery on the way. It's taken a toll on him physically and mentally. This week he suffered another mini stroke and groped a female care taker. I just don't know how to get him in a facility where he can get the 24/7 care he needs. He's mean and aggressive and says he can do whatever he wants. Not reasonable to say the least. I really need advice. Thanks so much!

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"You CAN'T convince dementia patients of anything", that should say
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I'm so sorry you and your dad are going through such a hard situation right now!

You convince dementia patients of anything, in my experience. You can say " now it's time to...." or " the doctor says you need to.......". Don't know of either of those will work.

First off, I would get him an appointment with a geriatric psychiatrist. A demented brain is a broken brain, and often the right med or meds can calm some of the agitation and anxiety that seem to accompany dementia.
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