I am apalled at the way my mother acted the other night when her roomate at the NH husband came by, she wouldnt put her clothes on! the staff couldnt even make her do it! I tried to tell her how rude she was, but still thinks it was no problem at all! what do I do? I felt guilty right away and started to think, gosh, I didnt bring her up like this! then I remembered I am the daughter! lol HELP!

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I'm sooooo sorry for this. I've been humilliated by mine sooo many times and I hate to see anyone go through this.
If I recall just recently had to admit her to the NH permanantly? Could she be lashing out at you or the NH and trying to cause trouble? Maybe trying to get kicked out? Maybe doesn't like her roommate? Has she done this before with other folks?
My mom has exposed herself also. Sometimes it's part of the dementia thing. Sometimes the judgement is clouded and the sexual urges (they still get them) are not controlled.
If she is in her right mind; you may want to ask her what she expected to accomplish with that unacceptable behavior. Sometimes they make some really WILD and elaborate PLANS in order to get people to do something for them. If this is out of character for her.....try to find out what she wants to happen.
For your sake I hope it's just a one time thing.
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