How can I convincae my dad to go into assisted living when he owns a nice home and isn't incompetent yet?

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Take time to visit some places with him and see if a few of the guys will spend a few moments having lunch with him. Schedule the lunch in advance with the front desk. Just breaking the ice having lunch with a few guys at a senior site makes a difference. There are pull cords in all the rooms and the individuals can meet in the group rooms to play cards, the cafeteria and dining rooms for meals. Try to find an excellent place rather than the "bland" food place. There are great places if you take time to do the research. The place may not be in your backyard.
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Jennie: if he is still mobile, can do personal care, and can cook for himself and do all these things safely, he may be a candidate for a senior apartment complex. If he qualifies, he can get reduced rent through the gov.
Assisted living does not offer much assistance. IMHO it is like renting a very expensive apartment. There is not much one-on-one care, residents eat cafeteria/restaurant style (which means they have to get themselves to a dining hall on their own), and many personal services are extra.
Living arrnagements are by far the most challenging thing for me right now. Mom lives in her own apt. (with lots of help from me.) I don't know what the future will hold, but for now she is happier and healthier living in her own space.
Wish I could offer more options...there just seems to be so few.
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