Contractor #1 June, 2015, Hired to put Vinyl siding,HVAC.Job not right incomplete.
Applied siding over rotted Cedar siding, creating a hazard of infested wood to seep into my home. Infestation, would be, bug, worms, fungus, and many more. Affecting my health.Which it did and still is. November,2015 found black mold. Hired Hazmat Contractor. Left home, was put in motel. Because the exposure to tearing out would make my condition. Got back to my home 2/11/2016. Was left with my home is such disarray. I can not move around my home. To this date I hove no Stove. I purchased, Stove,Refrigerator and dishwasher , around September 2015. It was working when I left Dec.2015. Dishwasher, will not go under counter. Was not measured right. Plumbing wrong. Turn the tap water in the sink. Put it on cold it is hot. Dishwasher hooked up to cold. They brought all my belonging back into the house. Can't walk afraid of falling. Everything spray painted, windows, outlets, fans, lights. White powder from over spray everywhere.I and my 2 dogs and cat, are having a hard time. I have consulted, 4 attorneys. I have asked Chairman Commissioner, for help, for all that is wrong with my home. An empty lot next to me, has a mosquitoes so bad. The lot has eroded, invaded, my property with poison, Ivy,Oak,Sumac, torn down my fence. Everyone, every agency, I have gotten in touch with. Has not even tried to help.
I am 69, disabilities. Physical and mental. I live alone. Self supporting. I have no family that will help.My children neglect me, and well as grandchildren. When they do they are abusive. The Contractors have abused, scammed, preyed on me. As well as the County ( by not enforcing Ordinances)and shunning my cry for help. I want to know, What and where can I get help? To have the wrong righted. So I may live in a peaceful and healthy environment.

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what do your contractors have for lunch ? if its in a 40 ounce brown bag you shouldnt have problems . if they pull out a coleman stove and stort scorching tacos , theres your problem . sorry ( not ) . pet peeve of mine ..
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