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My 88 year old mom is in a Lifespace health center, which is independent living, transitioning to the health center when no longer able to be alone. Mom and Dad bought into this community, then paid $4500 monthly for 1 meal a day each, and their 3 bedroom apt, for 10 years. Dad passed last year, the same weekend mom broke her hip. When she came out of the hospital, she went for rehab in the health unit. Therapy deemed her a fall risk, and stopped all therapy, so mom never walked again. She also has Parkinson's and dementia.We put her in hospice in feb, failure to thrive , and increasing dementia. We pay privately for mom's room at the health center, and pay an aid daily to feed her breakfast and supper, we cover lunch and spend " happy hour," which is coffee and cookies, every day. Mom has a supplemental insurance that costs $234 monthly. This supplemental policy is paying less than $50 a month in charges. I thought we had to have a supplemental policy by law. Should I continue with this policy ?

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A a supplemental insurance that costs $234 monthly and is paying less than $50 a month in charges is a rip off. I don't know of any law that says that you have to have supplemental insurance. I would not continue with this policy for you are losing money.
Insurance isn't an investment (pay $234, get $50). It's insurance against future possible EXPENSIVE events. Look at what it covers before you cancel it. If Mom has to go into the hospital, it probably covers 20% of the hospital bill that Medicare doesn't pay.

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